Sunday, 1 May 2016

Close encounter

At work a little while ago and a colleague came and asked me if I had seen the owl outside. Apparently it had flown past his head and settled nearby. I went out the back and there was a Tawny Owl just sitting in one of the trees nearby. It watched us and then hopped behind the tree. It came back 5 min later and I got the best picture I could, It was 1am and the battery was running out typically.

Will try to get rid of the bright eye but had to try.
Just before leaving work the bird appeared again, I think it is going to be a rat catcher tonight as I know there are some nearby. Will make sure camera is on hand tomorrow night to see if it comes back.
Was going to head out for the Rufous Turtle dove a couple of days ago but was told it hadn't been seen for a few hours, luckily I had only gone about 5 minutes in car. It has been seen again and has been around for a couple of weeks now. Might try to get this for my UK list on Tuesday specially as it is only a 20minute trip there. Will update if I go.
Also forget to mention that I saw what I think was a Harbour Porpoise on my last trip to Dungeness. It was leisurely going along close to shore and looking at descriptions this is what I think it was. 

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