Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Success. UK tick obtained.

Yesterday (3rd May) I decided to go for the dove. Spent a couple of hours there to no avail, but it seemed to have been seen more in afternoon and evening. Went home to cook dinner and then got back up to Otford for about 5. The bird had been seen about an hour ago, after being there about 5 minutes all the other birders quickly went round the corner and there was the Western Rufous Turtle Dove (form meena). wonder if it had been there early but not to worry now. Got great views through the scope, camera tried to get a shot.

Best I could get but quite pleased with them considering the size of the camera.

While waiting for the bird to appear a Orange Tip flew through a few times and a couple of Brimstones also appeared.

The Tawny Owl that I mentioned before was seen again the next night but wasn't last night. I wonder if he often sits there. Strangely enough when I got home I heard another Tawny near to the house.


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