Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Insects found in the cemetery

From the walk in my last blog I mentioned the insects. The main non-flying one was a Jet Ant (Lasius fuliginosus) these ants are slightly bigger than normal 'lawn' ants. Seem quite easy to id as they have a shiny jet black colour and a distinctive heart shaped head. They milk aphids for their honeydew and even protect them during the winter. One had been caught from the wall where they were living, couldn't get a decent shot of it but know where they are for next time.

Early Bumblebee was the first bee we saw. Then caught a Solitary mining bee (which I didn't get a pic off when in the hand). Don't think we were given the name for that one.

The next one we caught was I think quite a good one - Red-girdled Mining bee (andrena labiate)

I know we saw Red Mason Bee, which I thought the below photo was a phot of, but not sure now.

The last one we saw I think, if my notes are right. Lasioglossum leavigatum, it is a mining bee that was caught for all to see.

It was an enjoyable walk and think I might go there again to have another look around.
I have a few more walks and trips planned for the next few months so will update when I go on those.

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