Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A walk in the local cemetery

The friends of the Tunbridge Wells cemetery had invited a local expert along for a flower walk, but any insects found would be looked at.
Black Bryony was seen first, this though is poisonous and not related to the White Bryony at all. Three different buttercups were seen Meadow (acris), Bulbous (bulbosus) and Creeping (repens). Prickly and smooth sow-thistle. Bluebell and Spanish Bluebell. Hawk bit, Spotted laurel, Corn Salad, Garlic mustard and the star of the show Green-winged Orchid.

Our common Bluebells (above)
Spanish Bluebells (below)

Green-winged Orchid
Anacamptis morio


Wall-rue (above)
I think it is called maidenhair steam-wort (Below)

Smooth sow-thistle (above)
Creeping buttercup (below)

These are some of the flowers we saw. Can't seem to easily access my other photos from my ipad so will sort that out and then update what insects we saw, at least 1 ant and about 4 different bees.

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