Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Rye Harbour and Dungeness continued

Always end up spending more time at Rye and cutting down my Dungeness time. Today was no exception as I couldn't stay too long. Ended up just doing the reserve, did though when I got to the car park, see Tree Sparrow finally for the year. Unfortunately I hadn't got out the car so had to take the photo through the front window. I have also added a photo that was taking last year at Dungeness. Saw a few Dragonflies zooming around and heard Marsh Frogs (I think they are). my two favourite birds for the day though were, a gorgeous summer plumaged Grey Plover, (again not an amazing photo because it was a quite a way away. Need to see if I can get an adapter so I can attach my camera to my telescope.My other favourite was Hobby, love these raptors, could happily watch them for hours. I counted 5 birds all over Denge marsh, hawking and zooming about. Again no way to get a decent shot but did get a silhouette shot while it was quite high (basically a spot in the sky is the bird).

Iconic old lighthouse and power station

The best I had unfortunately.

Near the bottom of the photo just above white cloud

Think my other photo is on a different machine so 
will try to find it.

After this trip I have 157 for the year. Behind last years total unless I include the Morocco species. Think it is building up nicely just need a few trips at the right time and I should be okay for the 200.

Monday, 25 May 2015

In a garden

In a Garden in Lewes I came across 3 Cinnabar - Tyria jacobaeae. Got the best photos I could. camera seems to work best at a distance and then zooming in on the photo.

Am happy with results but someday I will get a better camera.

Will continue with my Dungeness trip report tomorrow. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Rye Harbour visit

Start of half term this weekend so won't get much chance to get out as I will be working in the evening and my wife in the day. So I anticipate plenty of park time (weather permitting) with my boys and probably some gaming done as well. Might try to do a Nightjar hunt later in week.

I did go out yesterday. Always pop into Rye Harbour before I get to Dungeness. Did a circuit at Rye, From car park to the John Gooders hide then up towards beach and round to the Ternery pool, then back to car park. One of my targets for Rye was Little Tern. Saw some lovely Avoet, Cuckoo and some distant Little Tern. Was also hoping for Yellow Wagtail  for year but no luck there. The next photos are all from Rye Harbour.

Nice Ringed Plover

View over Flat Beach

View over Ternery Pool, There is, if you know where
to look and zoom in alot, 5 Little Terns on a island.

Best shot I have of this bird.

There were quite a few chicks sitting around.

No Tern chicks yet but looking good.

There were some young Avocets

Part of a large flock of about 15.

Apart from my Broadwater Warren list I normally do a year list. My target is to get about 200 this year, that means I can just stay in the South East mainly. Got 212 last year but did have a 4 day Scotland trip included in that. I would like to get some more on my UK list but am not going to go miles to get them. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

New adds at Broadwater

In regards bird species today has been my best day at Broadwater Warren. 21 species with 6 adds for my list. Cuckoo, Jay, Treecreeper, Wren, House Martin and a random Common Gull flying over were the new ones.

These are the only bird photos I got today. Total now up to 36. Did add Wood White (Leptidea sinapis) and Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus), the Clouded Yellow never seem to settle and zip around very fast, where as the Wood White is quite a slow flyer and only seem to settle well out of my camera range. Also got photo of Water Boatman (Notonecta glauca). 

Think this is a Water Boatman
If it isn't then please let me know.

A Fern. But what type?

Sure I should know this.
Below is a Fungi I think, is it supposed to be that colour?

Above is the remains of a Churchill Tank, but more about that another time. If you can identify any of the above then please let me know. I do try to find out what they are but with a family and work the time often departs to soon, so any help would be appreciated.
Think it might be a quick visit to Dungeness tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Out tomorrow but been busy

At work yesterday got caught in a hail storm and got soaked so I thought back to March.
Looking back through my lasts albums I haven't done many foreign trips recently but I did enjoy Morocco in March. Here are some pictures from that holiday. These are some of the birds that I saw. The House Bunting was very friendly as it would even come into the house to find crumbs. The Redstarts were excellent, good views. Loads of Serin and the Tchagra just sat in sight for a few minutes.

Saw 13 new species and had an amazing experience. Saw so much passage, some probably heading for Britain. Osprey, Swallows, Swifts and Terns. Will sometime put non bird stuff on that I saw here also.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Pulborough Brooks

Went to Pulborough Brooks today. Not many photo opportunities, came here a few weeks ago and stupidly forgot to put my camera in and missed the perfect opportunity for a Nightingale picture. Not so today, did have Nightingale bursting into song. Also Cuckoo a few Warblers and a brief Spotted Flycatcher.

View from the main centre..

Decent sized mixed flock.

Weird song on this, Did a proper Willow call twice
otherwise a messed up call.

 About 30 species for visit, but only spent about 90 minutes there. Back to Broadwater next week and think I will have to do aa evening Nightjar watch there soon.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

New species for area

Tipping it down outside so will continue with latest bird sightings. Yesterday saw Coal Tit added to the list as well as Grey Wagtail. There were 2 Wagtails and last year they bred at the sight and think they are this year too. Over the 4 visits I have done recently I have seen 30 species, quite pleased with that as seen so much other interesting things as well.

Record photo

Best I could get

Not my best photo but only one that shows 2 birds.

Very bright day yesterday, think I might need 
some kind of filter but pleased overall.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Latest things seen at local

Got over to Broadwater for a 2 hour visit and discovered some new interesting areas. A boardwalk going over some very iron rich pools and marsh area. This is the area were orchids are but didn't see any so will look up again when they are out.

One of the Iron rich pools

Greater tussock sedge I believe.

Staying with non bird things. Have a clover that I have no idea which one! and a unidentified (so far) blue flower with a fly on it (if you really zoom in).A lot of tadpoles, even more ants and finally a ant pic which is ok when zoomed in.

Really enjoying all the different things I am seeing and trying to id. Just looking at my notes and I have a butterfly / moth to id. A couple of trees also not sure of. 
Will do a bird update tomorrow with some more photos of Woodlark and my newest bird for the site.


Lots of tadpoles

even more ants

An ok ant when zoomed up

Probably a common flower I should know
but will look it up.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Pond Skater

Busy working at the moment, but hope to get out to Broadwater in the next two days. Been looking things up and am going to be on the look out for Heath-spotted Orchids and White Admirals (think they are going to be around next month). Here is a photo from one of my last visits.

Common Pond Skater - Gerris lacustris 
I think.

Also identified Wood Ant (Southern) - Formica rufa and White-tailed Bumblebee. Having problems trying to get a decent image of the Wood Ant with my camera. But will keep trying.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Today's sightings

Only have a Canon PowerShot SX500 IS but am trying to get as many photos as I can. Got this shot today of a stunning adult summer Yellowhammer.

Along with Tree Pipit, Wheatear and Woodlark it was a good visit.
This photo is from yesterday of one of the pair of Wheatear.