Friday, 29 April 2016

Wood Warbler today

So today I went to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve. There had been a Wood Warbler there for a couple of days, but also wanted to see what else was about. Going down a path that only briefly goes into the reserve I found the spot and within 5 mins had had excellent views of the Wood Warbler and also seen Blackcap for the year.. They are such lovely birds, and it was also calling quite regularly. I had actually started to doubt if it had been one at Broadwater last year, this however confirmed that it had been.
From the main Tyler hide, LRP, Greenshank, Common Sandpiper and Sand Martin all added to the year list. A walk round to the other side of the lake to what I call the white ibis field didn't come up with a sighting of Garganey that were there. It did get very close views of Goldcrest and also Jay. On the way home I thought a quick check in Otford for the Western Rufous Turtle Dove, this bird has been there a while but only seen in a back garden every so often. It was identified by a photo and is only a 10 minute trip from Sevenoaks WR. Literally drive round a square of roads hoping that the bird is sitting on a roof or anywhere that it can be seen. No luck of course.

A good few hours of birding. These  are photos I did get.

Geese have been busy, one area by the lake had to be shut
off as a Canada Goose is sitting on a nest right next to the path.

Bluebells above

Saw Mistle and Song Thrush today.

Went to Broadwater a couple of days ago and this time it seemed to be Robin everywhere. Grey Wagtail was back on the island and still no dragonflies. Both Willow Warbler and Tree Pipits singing away.
Going back a couple of weeks no, I did visit Dungeness with the family. While the boys got soaked from the sea I managed to pick up on 1 Great Skua, 6 Red-throated Diver, 1 Black-throated Diver and Shag of note going past. Black-necked Grebe showed at ARC pit. While there someone mentioned Water Pipits down the denge marsh road. A quick stop and a 10 minute walk got me 2 birds in the Hayfields area. 1 bird sitting on the fence while the other was foraging underneath.
And that is now up to date. Not sure where next, think I am going to concentrate on some dragonflies this year. Have found a web site that shows me what can be seen around my area and there are a few I haven't seen, some will really have to get my id skills up for but that is part of the fun. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Update is finally here.

Just come back from Broadwater warren. A good day for birds with 21 species seen. 2 Siskins made an appearance at the feeder as I was leaving, this is a new one for me at the site. Lesser spot was heard and Tree Pipit is back with about 4 birds seen. Woodlark and Yellowhammer showing nicely, Song Thrush, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler backing them up. Wren seemed to be plentiful and about 4 Treecreepers seemed to be going round in a group. Slave-making ant made an appearance but not sure if I got a good shot. Surprised that there are no Large Red around yet but did get my first butterfly for the year with a Peacock fluttering about.

Some work has been going on, these paths will now be less muddy.

Below. Not sure if it is a Gall or just a part of the tree?

Slave making ant
Was going to say that the ducks are back, but didn't see them today. Mallard had
come back to the decoy pond on my last visit.
Now going back to the beginning of the month. I went to Pulborough Brooks to look for an American Wigeon, as this is a bird that has alluded me for years. There were a lot of people looking for it, but to no avail. It was seen a few days later. However while there I heard Nightingale, which I think was the first one to arrive there. I did record it singing on my phone but I can't seem to transfer it onto the laptop. A female Peregrine was sitting with it's back to us after it had apparently had a meal not long before. With Redwing and Pintail alongside calling Chiffchaff it was one of those where two seasons collide.
This group of Deer had been in a circle, don't know why but then
they started to feed.

Looking out the hide where the Am.Wigeon was first seen.

Chiffchaff calling away

That's all for now. Still got a trip to Dungeness to report.
India is on, in December there is a wedding to go to. Am going to have some time to go birding, been looking it up and there are a couple of sites near to Jodphur that could be very good so am getting excited about that.

Monday, 18 April 2016

New update soon.

Hi. It has literally been ages. What with half term and a very crap laptop that got extremely hot very quickly.
Kids back at school and a nice new laptop. So in the next couple of days I should have all the information from all trips since Portugal. Not many I have to say. Broadwater warren, Dungeness and a quick try for a UK tick. Also need to get out to Broadwater to see what is happening there.

One of the picture to come, but haven't got that many new ones recently.