Thursday, 8 September 2016

Family holiday in Morocco

As suspected this was more of a family holiday so didn't really get much birding done. The complex itself had quite a few security guards standing around so very conscious of walking around with binoculars round my neck. I am not sure what has happened or happening in Morocco but on the one full day I went out on there were a number of police check points, last year didn't come across any.

Spent a few hours in the swimming pool and going down water slides, all very nice but did get a few things flying over. I had a pair of dragonflies skimming the surface of the swimming pool and wave machine but the only time they landed were somewhere I couldn't get to. I good good views of them in flight so am currently looking those up. White Stork circled and drifted over at one point.

Also had a Booted Eagle drift over, a lot of Laughing Dove, Spotless Starling, House Martin, Swift and Swallow flying around. Thought there were a lot of House Sparrows but not thinking there were Spanish sparrows too, am going to send a picture to a friend to confirm. Did get a few turtle dove and Common Bulbul. Saw one definite Red-rumped Swallow, Kestrel and Blackbird. When we went into Marrakech for a evening a few more Collared Doves were around. The only other bird which I heard was what I think was a Egyptian Nightjar, it was the second night and no noisy entertainment and as I was walking back to our apartment there was a Nightjar calling and going from the recordings I heard it sounded more like Egyptian. Unfortunately every other night had loud entertainment till early in the morning.

Moth or butterfly? Need to look this one up.

This was on the ceiling in the corridor. I thought it looked like a footman moth but I think it is  Utetheisa latrix.

Another moth, which I have not identified yet but will be looking up.

Cranefly or dragonfly? it was staying low and flying I thought more like a cranefly but not sure. If anyone knows please let me know.

This is tiny but very green.

This was massive a cricket or locust? Thinking Moroccan locust but not sure. Again if anyone knows please let me know. There was outside this building at night a massive noise of crickets I think.

One other photo I took in the complex, this was sitting on a casino table that had been set up.

Did do a full day out which I will do on my next blog but it includes a body and a new butterfly.