Saturday, 23 May 2015

Rye Harbour visit

Start of half term this weekend so won't get much chance to get out as I will be working in the evening and my wife in the day. So I anticipate plenty of park time (weather permitting) with my boys and probably some gaming done as well. Might try to do a Nightjar hunt later in week.

I did go out yesterday. Always pop into Rye Harbour before I get to Dungeness. Did a circuit at Rye, From car park to the John Gooders hide then up towards beach and round to the Ternery pool, then back to car park. One of my targets for Rye was Little Tern. Saw some lovely Avoet, Cuckoo and some distant Little Tern. Was also hoping for Yellow Wagtail  for year but no luck there. The next photos are all from Rye Harbour.

Nice Ringed Plover

View over Flat Beach

View over Ternery Pool, There is, if you know where
to look and zoom in alot, 5 Little Terns on a island.

Best shot I have of this bird.

There were quite a few chicks sitting around.

No Tern chicks yet but looking good.

There were some young Avocets

Part of a large flock of about 15.

Apart from my Broadwater Warren list I normally do a year list. My target is to get about 200 this year, that means I can just stay in the South East mainly. Got 212 last year but did have a 4 day Scotland trip included in that. I would like to get some more on my UK list but am not going to go miles to get them. 

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