Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Rye Harbour and Dungeness continued

Always end up spending more time at Rye and cutting down my Dungeness time. Today was no exception as I couldn't stay too long. Ended up just doing the reserve, did though when I got to the car park, see Tree Sparrow finally for the year. Unfortunately I hadn't got out the car so had to take the photo through the front window. I have also added a photo that was taking last year at Dungeness. Saw a few Dragonflies zooming around and heard Marsh Frogs (I think they are). my two favourite birds for the day though were, a gorgeous summer plumaged Grey Plover, (again not an amazing photo because it was a quite a way away. Need to see if I can get an adapter so I can attach my camera to my telescope.My other favourite was Hobby, love these raptors, could happily watch them for hours. I counted 5 birds all over Denge marsh, hawking and zooming about. Again no way to get a decent shot but did get a silhouette shot while it was quite high (basically a spot in the sky is the bird).

Iconic old lighthouse and power station

The best I had unfortunately.

Near the bottom of the photo just above white cloud

Think my other photo is on a different machine so 
will try to find it.

After this trip I have 157 for the year. Behind last years total unless I include the Morocco species. Think it is building up nicely just need a few trips at the right time and I should be okay for the 200.

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