Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Latest things seen at local

Got over to Broadwater for a 2 hour visit and discovered some new interesting areas. A boardwalk going over some very iron rich pools and marsh area. This is the area were orchids are but didn't see any so will look up again when they are out.

One of the Iron rich pools

Greater tussock sedge I believe.

Staying with non bird things. Have a clover that I have no idea which one! and a unidentified (so far) blue flower with a fly on it (if you really zoom in).A lot of tadpoles, even more ants and finally a ant pic which is ok when zoomed in.

Really enjoying all the different things I am seeing and trying to id. Just looking at my notes and I have a butterfly / moth to id. A couple of trees also not sure of. 
Will do a bird update tomorrow with some more photos of Woodlark and my newest bird for the site.


Lots of tadpoles

even more ants

An ok ant when zoomed up

Probably a common flower I should know
but will look it up.

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