Saturday, 21 May 2016

Back to Broadwater Warren

Yesterday (20th May) did a visit to Broadwater warren again. Still no dragonflies to report but think they will appear over the next week. A few Brimstone were flying around and a good few orange/copper moth (i think it is a moth) flying around but never close or never settling. In water hole that has been dug out a Green tiger beetle (Cicindela campestris) was darting around at quite a pace. A massive slug was resting just about the waterline. Plenty of the usual wood ants and a few flies.

Not sure what species it is above (please let me know if you do)
Think below is a bluebottle

Now it is warmer the bird life is a lot more active, or maybe just the fact the warblers are in and singing. Great spot was on feeder when I arrived and a Wren was hanging around in this area as well. Blackbird, Crow, Goldfinch and a not so common Feral Pigeon showed. The star of the show was Woodlark today though, they were perching and calling away. Always very showy at this time of year. A gorgeous male Stonechat with very bold colours tried to steal the show but disappeared in the scrub way to quickly and followed what looked like a younger bird. Song Thrush, Robin, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler were all competing for the airwaves. Woodpigeon, Chaffinch, 2 Mallard and Grey Wagtail were all on or around the pond. Garden Warbler was singing through the trees but only showed briefly before finding a hidden perch and singing again. A call alerted me to the presencee of the returning Spotted Flycatchers, they were both flycatching over the pond. About 5 minutes after that I noticed one then both birds on a tree popping into a hole. Setting up home or would they already have young, am sure I will soon find out as I know where to look now. Going back to the car park 2 siskins were on the feeder and quite happy for me to photograph them it seems. 

One of my favourite photo Woodlark

Very obliging Siskins that did'nt fly off even when I walked past to the car.

A good couple of hours spent there, Breeding Tree Pipits next couple of weeks, then Dragonflies and finally Nightjar and Woodcock all over the next month or so. It going to be good and thats just a t Broadwater! 

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