Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tawny Owl and evening visit

Yesterday got home from work and there was a Tawny Owl calling in some nearby trees, quickly went through to the garden so I could hear it from there as my garden list has about 9 species on it.

Tonight there was a evening with the warden to view Nightjars. We heard about 5 birds and saw at least 2, also had 2 Woodcock fly over. Found out that both Lesser spotted Woodpecker and Spotted Flycatcher are nesting on reserve. Then heard a Lesser spotted Woodpecker call right near us, had had Nuthatch calling when I arrived and ticked of Starling also. Grey Heron flew across at about 10.15. Added Common Pipistrelle to the list.
Showed a picture of a part of a tank in a previous post and found there are other bits around, also pointed out a trench that was used for exercises.

From a Churchill tank which was probably abandoned 
there, apparently these type of tank were plagued with 
mechanical faults resulting from its rather hasty 

They believe that some of the preparation for the 
Dieppe raids took place here.

A pretty fungi I found.

The moth trap opened.

The moth trap had a few micro moths in it and didn't get any decent pictures.Might be able to identify 2 or 3 but couldn't even be sure about those. Enjoyed the evening and heard about plans for the reserve. Am hoping that eventually the Dartford warbler will be resident, heres hoping.

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