Thursday, 11 June 2015

Last visit and what's coming up

Good visit on Wednesday. Added Swift, Mistle Thrush and Feral Pigeon for my site list. A lone Buzzard drifted over while at the Decoy pond. The wind was quite strong at times and it seemed to keep the Tree Pipits down on the ground. Insects seem to be hiding as well, normal Butterflies and brief Moths were seen.

Great Tit

Interestingly tall grass

Lovely flower and saw what I think was a Early Bumblebee
(Bombus Pratorum) but could only get a not very good photo. 
There was also a White-tailed I think,

One entrance to the reserve.

The Buzzard that drifted over

On Tuesday the RSPB have a evening event looking for Woodcock, Nightjar, but also a moth trap, bat detector and looking for glow worms. Looking forward to that. Also hoping to secure a place in a Moth evening, Bee id event and Butterfly day very soon, Just need to secure some funds and then I can get excited about that too.

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