Monday, 8 June 2015

Evening with Nightjars

Saturday morning I had Green shield bug (Palomera prasina) in the garden along with about 10 caterpillar, which I believe were Large White. Common Wasp, Black Ant and Common Woodlouse also all going about their business.
The reserve close there gates at 7pm, but they have a exit so you can get back out at any time. Made sure I got there before 7 and knowing I had a wait I went for a wander. Added Hobby, Herring Gull and Jackdaw to the list, 1 of the 2 jackdaws was very tattered, I assume they were going to a roost as there only seem to be Crows on site. Also saw Pill Woodlouse (Armadillidium vulgare) never really thought it might be a different species to the Common but of course it is. Took some photos of flowers and shrubs which I can only guess at name but are just nice to look at.

Green shield Bug

1 of the many Caterpillars

Seems to take forever to get dark and even then it didn't get that dark. Tree Pipit, Blackbird and Robin were all still singing. Then the distinctive churring of a Nightjar, 3 birds at one point. Have a recording but can't seem to download it onto laptop but will try again. Over the Decoy pond Daubenton's Bat (Myotis daubentonii), well that is what I believe it is. Looking it up I hadn't realised we have 17 breeding species in the UK. A quiet Woodcock flew over while leaving this area, Apart from a shooting star and some odd light spots in the sky that was my evening done. 

Camera never lies but it didn't seem this dark to me.

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