Friday, 26 June 2015

Ashdown forest and some results

Went to 3 different areas in Ashdown Forest, the first was Gill's lap. Small Heath, Large Skipper, Meadow Brown and Small White all seen. Bird wise, Redstart, Stonechat and 3 Raven calling as they flew over were the best.
Then went to Old Lodge and more Redstart, nice Buzzard and Kestrel. There are a few small pools and they had a few Dragonflies on. Broad-bodied Chaser, Emperor Dragonfly, Four-spotted Darter, Common Darter, Small Red Damselfly and Azure Damselfly, someone else there explained the difference and I realise that I already have seen them at Broadwater.
Saw and photographed a Grasshopper which I am going to identify. Have also identified the Dragonfly I couldn't before as a Golden-ringed Dragonfly.


Photo I took on Wednesday is a Crane Fly 

Four-spotted Darter

Golden-ringed Dragonfly - Cordulegaster boltonii

Did another area where Dartford Warbler were last year, but no sign today. Think they are in a different area now but will visit again to look for them.

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