Thursday, 9 July 2015

Moths from Friday night

So Friday evening I was out camping and got a number of moths, a lot of the pictures have to be zoomed up so will only put a few up.
Large Emerald - Geometra pailionaria
Swallow-tailed Moth - Ourapteryx sambucaria
Common Emerald - Hemithea aestiuaria
Peach Blossom - Thyatira batis
Clouded Border _ Lamaspilis marginata
Common White Wave - Cabera pusaria
Riband Wave - Idaea averseta
Buff-tip - Phalera bucephala
Treble brown spot - Idaea trigeminata
Great oak beauty - Hypomecis roboraria
Small fan-footed Wave - Idaea biselata
Plain Wave - Idaea strioninata

Picked my kids up from the camp on Sunday and had had a good look then and the list above are the ones I have identified, think there might be a couple more but harder to name.

Swallow-tailed Moth


Common Emerald

Common White Wave

Clouded Border 

Peach Blossom

Large Emerald

Riband Wave 


After the local expert visited on Saturday I did a quick circuit again and added Small Skipper and Ringlet to the list. A male Bullfinch also got into the list along with Kestrel, Tree Pipit and Buzzard. Got some great photos of Dragonflies again as well as I found a couple of the branches they like to sit on.

I have a butterfly course on Saturday which I am looking forward to and am going to go to Broadwater again soon as it's been such a busy week.

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