Thursday, 16 July 2015

Footballer hoverfly and White Admiral

Yesterday I went to Broadwater Warren. Although I am a birder, at the moment its all about the insects, butterflies, dragonflies and all things moving. I went to the Decoy pond and went round it about 3 times and then headed back.
Bird wise I heard Turtle Dove and saw Buzzard very close, and the usual Robin, Blackbird, Crow and Woodpigeon. The weather was humid but overcast to start with and the Dragonfly count wasn't at it's best. Identified a Downy Emerald that sat on a tree for a few seconds. Took loads of photos of blue damselflies as I only seem to have Azure on camera and no Common Blue, alas still all seem to be azure that I see. Emerald Damselfly seems to be invisible to my camera as well as can't seem to get a decent shot. I did manage to eventually get a Blue-tailed photo though. There was also Emperor and Large Red, and a possible Brown Hawker near the car park but literally saw it flash past only.

Best I could get of Blue-tailed Damselfly

Below Female Emperor laying eggs

Butterflies, Meadow Brown, Large White, finally got a shot of Gatekeeper. also a shot of White Admiral and I think a Essex Skipper.When the sun came out so did the butterflies. The White Admiral showed just near the bridge before flying back into the woods.The Skipper I believe is a Essex skipper, it is all to do with the antenna and it looking like it has been dipped in black (like this) I will be sending this off to someone to see what they think, but if anyone else knows then please let me know.

Had to get a quick shot before it disappeared.

Is this a Essex Skipper. Apparently they mix with Small
Skipper. I think it is anyway, at the moment.


Saw various other things.

Harlequin Ladybird - Harmonia axyridis (variety succinea)
This species first appeared in the UK in 2004 I believe
and has done well and spread across much of South Britain.

The Footballer Hoverfly - Helophilus pendulus
Called the footballer because of it's stripes, some 
other similar but believe it to be this one.

Love this photo. Is this skater having a rest.

Got a few pics of this. Mining bee? I think I might 
see if I can get a name for this one.

Moth? all I can say about it really.
Trying to find out which one.

Have some other fly shots that I want to check first, but will put them up at a later date.

Next up - A trip to Sevenoaks WR where I believe I saw Southern Damselfly. But not long got back from that trip so that is next time.

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