Saturday, 11 July 2015

Butterflies inc Purple Emperor

Woods Mill in East Sussex was where i was today for a Intro into Summer Butterrflies. A course run by the Sussex Wildlife Trust and it was excellent. I make it 16 species of butterfly and a new Darter for me too.
Can never rely on traffic these days so left plenty of time and ended up getting there an hour early. I had hardly left the car park when I saw the family of Water Rail that don't seem too bothered about humans.

First up was a power point presentation on Butterflies and then on those to be seen in Sussex. This involved what plants they like to feed on, when, what height they fly etc. Very fascinating and might try some of this next year, or even this year for some species. Beautiful Demoiselle and Emperor Dragonfly started us along with Green-veined White, Red Admiral, Small White and Peacock. In the first area we saw our first Purple Emperor that had flown across and was perched quite a way away from us. The leader a Butterfly man hadn't seen them here before so a great start. Large White, Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper next. Comma, Large and Small Skipper and had already been told how to tell between Essex and Little. Marbled White I think is also a new one for me but they never seem to land. Ringlet,Large White and Silver-washed Fritillary along with White Admiral. 
We went back to the classroom then went for another look around and that was when we managed to get a photo of Marbled White, Purple Emperor, Comma and Skippers. Also saw some gorgeous Ruddy and Common Darter. Another for the list and one I hadn't reckoned on seeing. There was also 4 Kestrel sitting on top of the nest box, the mother then bought back what looked like a rat and the young started to scramble to get a piece.

Large Skipper

Small Skipper

Cuckoo Buff-tailed? This bee was massive so have some 
research to do regards that.


Unidentified Bee

Gorgeous Marbled White

Purple Emperor. This was at the top of a tree, the best photo I could get but 
it was good viewing.

Green-veined White (best I could get)

And a couple of shots of Darters.

Ruddy Darter

Common Darter

Next weekend, same site but evening with Moths and then next day Bees at Rye. Going to be great and looking forward to it.

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