Friday, 6 November 2015

Tree and Moths

In the last week or so I have got a few photos of 2 moths and a tree that is interesting.

Not worked out what this is yet but I will . Anyone else know?

This I know is a Beautiful Plume Moth (Amblyptilia acanthadactyla) 

This I have been told is a Persian Ironwood Tree (Parrotia persica) 
A deciduous tree in the family Hamamelidaceae and the sole species in 
the genus Parrotia. Closely related to the witch hazel genus. Native to Northern Iran.

These leaves off the tree are very distinctive.

Managed to get to my local park too, on the way I saw this.

This must have been some blaze as the other side of that bin has been melted as well.
Didn't see much bird wise. But saw the next stage of the lottery funded park.

This used to be a very rusty looking bridge that regularly flooded, the lottery fund is really making this park a lot better. Next year I think it is going to be amazing.

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