Saturday, 14 November 2015

Latest bits and pieces

Why is it recently that every chance I seem to be able to get out it is horrible weather. Went out yesterday (13th) and had that horrible rain that is hard, cold and darkens the sky. Didn't stay out long as everything seemed to be sheltering somewhere else. There was when I got there (still ok weather) a flock of about 12 Crow, and about 6 Herring Gull flew over during my brief visit. 3 Redwings and 7 Fieldfare didn't even fancy stopping for a feed. A flock of 12 Feral Pigeon, 2 Woodpigeon, Chaffinch, Blackbird, Wren and Magpie were about it. Did see a possible Lesser spot but flying away into the rain.

Have visited my local park (Hilbert and Grosvenor) and got a few more pictures.

This i believe is a Himalayan Honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosa)
Looks really lovely. I think formosa was popular in victorian shrubberies. Attempts 
have been made in recent years to repopularise the species in Britain with new 
cultivated varieties appearing in garden centres.

A local squirrel below. The other pictures are of the area in the park were the marshland is
going to go. There were reeds trees and mud here but they have removed it all to redo it.

Now above. Before below. Looking forward to how it is going to be.

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