Friday, 2 October 2015

A mistake and a new Warbler for Broadwater

Oops. I have come to the conclusion that the last Blog post I did I must have not pressed publish as it is not on there. Oh well these things happen.
Going back to my last visit I did have Brown Hawker and Common Darter, also had another that I thought was a Common Darter but because it is a long way away I think it is too big to be that.

I really have been taking too many dragonfly pictures, must reign that in.

We then had the eclipse of the super moon. Took loads of photos, they looked good on the camera but when I put them onto the laptop they didn't look amazing. 

Today, 2nd October. I again went to Broadwater Warren and I really am having some good luck at the moment. Lovely Buzzards, a small mixed flock of Swallows and House Martin, a favourite of mine Treecreeper, Coal Tit and a new one Whinchat. However when I was approaching the Decoy pond I noticed 2 warblers fly into a tree, they kept popping into different clumps of foliage, 1 showed itself well and it was a Chiffchaff, I assumed the other was also a Chiffchaff until it also hopped onto a branch. The very bright white underside stood out and the yellow supercillium could be seen well. The Chiffchaff left the tree and only the Wood Warbler remained, it continued to disappear into foliage and then appear again briefly before it also eventually flew off. 18 species of bird was a good haul. Also had this lovely spider below, the other insect picture and what I think was a Hairy Shieldbug (Dolycoris baccarum), this landed on me briefly then dropped to the floor and then took off. Overall a good day I thought.

some type of Miridae maybe 

Until next time then, and will remember to press publish on this one.

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