Thursday, 13 August 2015

Update and latest

First an update on a photo I took at Broadwater Warren. I sent the photo to Ian Beavis and he identified it as a Willoughbys Leaf-cutter bee, Megachile willughbiella, he said there were 3 similar but because of the location this is what it is. Starting to realise that even with a great book it is going to be very hard.

Megachile willughbiella (Leaf-cutter bee)

Also going back to the 1st, on the local walk the Giant horsefly was a Large Marsh Horsefly. Also saw Shaggy furrow Bee (Lasioglossum villosulum), Wood-carving leaf-cutter (Megachile ligniseca), 2 solitary digger wasps (Cereeris arenaria) and (Lindenius panzeni). Also believe I saw Black-tailed Skimmer but didn't get a chance to photo it.

Moving to the 6th I didn't even know there was a Mini beast safari for my boys. Very interesting and saw loads, when I get the full list I will update. Did get Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea) was just focusing on it when it was disturbed and then moved area. Got Small Cooper, a underwing moth (thought I was told a white underwing but not sure). It settled on my bag and unfortunately had a deformed wing by the looks of things.

Small Cooper - child was just about to disturb it

underwing moth

Speckled Wood

A Gall perhaps unfortunately pics didn't come out well. This was 
taken on the walk home.

Really fascinating but totally different if you don't have a expert with you. 
Unfortunately my car won't start so I am limited to what I can do. However it meant I walked to work, so went early and took my camera.  Got lots of interesting insects and have identified one that I am comfortable with.

Digger sand wasp - Ectemnius cephalotes
the markings on this all seem to add up to this species.

Got some other shots but will update later as want to try to add a few names to the photos if possible.

Hopefully get car running soon and then it's time to get some more birding done. Maybe some Stilts, Sandpipers and some seabirds. Hoping also to get a couple more new dragonflies.

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