Saturday, 4 June 2016

Quick visit to Hayesden Country Park

As one of my sons had a birthday party in Tonbridge I thought a quick visit to Hayesden Country Park could work out just right. Because it is quite a big area I concentrated on the shallows and the main area around the sailing lake. Everwhere I seem to go locally I see Grey Wagtail and this was no exception down the shallows and near the sluice there were 2 different birds on show. The usual suspects were on the lake and a Whitethroat posed nicely for the camera.

A few insects and dragonflies around. The shallows had Banded Demoiselle, probably about 20 already. The pond and marsh area under the A21 had Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damselflies. A couple of unidentified insects were found. 
Not sure how these photos are going to come out as the pictures are good on the tablet and camera but when i look at them on here they look a bit blurred, might be the program I download it onto, will look into it. 

Not sure about the one above

I am sure I know the name of the beetle below but will look it up

A good little visit which I enjoyed. At some places it did look a lot different to when I last went there. Need to find out where the red-eyed are seen for when I go again otherwise I might get lost.

Last night I went out to Broadwater at about 9pm, heard Nightjar and Tawny Owl and Woodcock flew over calling. There was a lot of cloud cover and this is why I don't think I saw the Nightjar. On the 12th they have a evening looking for Bats, Nightjar, Woodcock and Glow Worms so might have to go along then.

Today I went on a walk with a local expert to an area of Tudeley woods, but more of that on my next blog.

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