Monday, 14 September 2015

Broadwater latest

On the 12th I visited Broadwater Warren again. They have started the winter work there so some paths are closed off. That however didn't stop quite a few people still walking down those paths.
4 Swallows fly over heading for the coast. The ever present Crows, recently seem to be seeing 3 on every visit. Magpie heard calling as well as Robin and Blackbird. Blue Tit, Buzzard drifting over and a posing Mistle Thrush were it for the birds. The Mallards that were there seem to have disappeared, hopefully only moved temporarily.

Brown and Migrant Hawkers seem to be the main dragonflies now. Still a couple of Blue-tailed and loads of Common Darters. There were 40+ beetles in the pond, beetles, funghi and Wood Ants. Butterflies seem to have disappeared now.

Brown Hawker.

Part of the crowd of beetles in the pond


Wood Ants

Slug - I can kind of appreciate them here
but not in my garden where there are loads.

Different type of funghi from last visit

Love the spiders web in the back ground 

Stock Dove was my 56th species for the site. Hoping for a Whinchat this week, maybe Siskin and Redpoll, and getting into Redwing, Fieldfare time soon. Think as well that in the coming month Crossbill might appear. It's all looking good.

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