Monday, 19 December 2016

Morocco part two.

Finally an update. It has been months.  So I need to finish my Morocco report first before moving onto an Indian wedding with some birding done at the same time.

So I went on one trip will on holiday in Marrakesh. It was to the Ouzoud Falls, took a couple of hours to get there but was pretty spectacular when there. It was a coach trip so there were a few people there but you could do your own thing after the guide had given us some history of the place. As we started to go down the path we had to stand out the way as local police were carrying a body (in a bag) up to the top, apparently a local had slipped from near the top. We did see a lot of people sitting in very dangerous places so am not surprised this had happened. You have to walk down a winding path to the base of the waterfall, as you go down there are so many restaurants and stalls selling pretty much any local product you want.

At the bottom we all went on a boat (well it floated!) to get very close to the waterfall, and get very wet. Again lots of locals seemed to have set up around the base to eat or do whatever they were doing. I did see Banded Demoiselle down there. Not much in the way of bird life at all.

The base of the waterfalls and the boats we went on.

The main waterfall.

Start of the waterfall where I think the fall happened.

The impressive building at the top of the gorge.

When back at the top I had a chance to wander about. I found a gorgeous new butterfly and another cricket type insect.

Iphiclides feisthamelii -Scarce Swallowtail

Cricket type.

Below is the picture that shows I did see Spanish Sparrow while there.

On the way back I also saw what I think was Houbara Bustard but it was a brief sighting from the coach.

Next up a Indian wedding.

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